We believe that the human element is the most important part of any business. Making a connection starts in the simplicities and continues and is tied together in the detail and complexities.
Create a brand with the help and support of the creatives at ShoeBox Labs. 
Have us produce video or other digital media for you or your organization. Consult with us for more advanced production ideas.  We are able to produce some production builds with experience in wood and electrical, technical theatre, media production, photography, and web design/development. With additional knowledge and experience with system and network design and installation. Experience in restaurants, food service technologies, bakery/cafe, and small - medium size businesses and organizations.  Our core beliefs are philosophical, we are open to ideas. -  ​If we can't design a product or service for you we would love to consult in our fields of work and expertise, and we will help find cost effective and integrated solutions for your business, technological and production needs, or research and referrer you to other experts.
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